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Some words from our clients
Honestly, I didn't make these up.  I've collected a few comments from clients over the years after delivering reports by email:
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"I wanted to let you know, we were able to decrease the purchase price by $14,000 thanks to your findings!"

"My husband says it's the best money he's spent."

"This is without question the best report I've seen.  I appreciate your thoroughness and attentioni to detail."

"Thank you for making our first home-buying experience a positive and pleasant one!"

"Thank you for your excellent service.  I appreciated your detailed and thorough work."

"What a fabulous job you did.  We really appreciate it."

"Thank you so much for getting the report out to us so quickly.  We are very happy with how thorough it is, and the pictures really hammer home the points you make!"

"Received the report--incredibly thorough! Your ability to email this report and post it on the web is fantastic, and we appreciate the time you took with us today.  Thanks so much for your excellent work."

"We appreciate the thoroughness of your report.  The photos and specific descriptions allowed us to communicate long distance without difficulty."

"Report received, thanks.  Nicely done.  We really appreciate your thoroughness, promptness, and style."

"Thanks for coming over in short notice and providing a thorough job."

"Thank you very much for your excellent help with the inspection today.  We appreciated meeting you and are impressed with your thoroughness, detailed (and quick) report and reasonable price."

Jim checks a fireplace damper
Jim checks a fireplace damper
"Very professional, timely, and I really liked your web based system."

"Thank you very much your inspection! Your knowledge and professionalism were very much appreciated.  Thank you for your help and insights! In addition, your web service is an invaluable asset to homebuyers."

"Thank-you for doing a prompt, very detailed and professional job."

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