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Have an inspection performed before it's listed.  Here's why:.
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  • Avoid 11th hour negotiations. Unpleasant surprises in a buyer's home inspection can result in extended negotiations, a lowered price or a deal that falls through.  Why go into a sale without being informed?
  • Document repairs that might have otherwise raised concerns. If you have a repair made as a result of a pre-listing inspection, your buyers will know that's something they won't have to contend with.  For example, fuel-fired furnaces typically need servicing annually.  If you have yours serviced before listing your home, then that's one less thing to be negotiated.
  • Show good faith. When you have your home inspected before it's listed, potential buyers understand that you're trying to present a home in good repair.
  • Avoid a buyer's inspection. Most buyers have their own inspections performed regardless of whether a seller had a pre-listing inspection performed.  However there is a chance that a potential buyer will waive the right to their own inspection if shown satisfactory results in a pre-listing inspection.
  • Simply be informed. If you have a pre-listing inspection done and decide not to repair certain items, at least you'll be aware of them and be prepared for negotiations that may occur as a result of them.

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