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For investorsWhether you're a seasoned investor or jumping into real estate investment because of low prices and mortgage rates, you're better off having an inspection before you buy.
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Jim checking a soft spot on a roof
Jim checking a soft spot on a roof
Even if you're buying a foreclosed property "as-is", expect to make repairs and flip the property, you need to know how major the repairs will really be.  Examples of major repairs include:
  • Leaking, old roofs
  • Failed foundations
  • Failed sewage waste lines
  • Old galvanized water pipes
  • Abandoned or leaking underground oil tanks
  • Failing chimneys used as furnace flues
  • Old fused, or recalled electric service panels
Maximize your profit margin by avoiding money pits!

If you're buying a rental property you're buying potential liability.  You should know what safety issues are present for your tenants.  Examples include:

  • Shock and fire hazards from old or substandard electric systems
  • Old or missing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Unsafe stairs, guardrails and handrails
  • Unsafe bedroom window egress in the event of a fire
  • Keyed-only deadbolts on exterior doors stopping egress in the event of a fire
  • Non-tempered glass in doors and windows
  • Asbestos and lead materials used in flooring, ceiling, insulation, siding and plumbing and HVAC systems
Make me part of your investment team!

I'm an investor too! Jim has owned duplex and single family home rental properties since 2005 and knows all to well the issues related to real estate investment.  I speak your language.

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