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Pictures and captions below are from 2 whirlwind tours of Europe that I did with my sons Max and Evan. They're mostly pictures of architectural details, or interesting buildings.     -Jim Gallant
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A French toilet. Most European toilets I saw had the water supply fitting on the side, and high up. This makes sense to me as it eliminates the chance of this fitting leaking with it being above the float level. However I'm not so keen on the corrugated waste pipe.

Electric receptacles in France. This is actually an adapter that converts a single receptacle to 3 receptacles. Learn about European receptacles.

Service drop wires in France.

Power lines attached to a tree in Homps, France.

Soffit vents in a tile roof in Argeliers, France.

Magnificent copper gutters and downspouts in Annecy, France.

Intersting tile roof and chimneys in Annecy, France.

A house in Annecy France being renovated. The carpenter there told me this is not normal construction.

Firewood stacked against a building in Chamnoix, France. They must not be worried about wood destroying insects.

A roof in Chamonix, France made of stone slabs.

Beefy gutters and an interesting downspout in Chamonix, France.

Very nice flashing detail on a tile roof in Colmar, France.

More interesting gutters and downspouts in Colmar, France.

Must be a thousand dollars worth of copper here.

Hammered copper gutter at a castle outside of Colmar, France.

Steep, tiled rooftops in Beaune, France. How to you get up there for maintenance?

Crazy apartment roofs in Dijon, France.

Slate roof shingles in Bacharach, Germany.

Slate roof in Bacharach, Germany.

A men's bathroom in Fussen, Germany where one simply pees on the walls.

Tile roofs in Sienna Italy. I'd have a lot to say about them if I was writing an inspection report.

A leaning building in Amsterdam, Holland. These disturbed me, and there were many of them.

Another leaning, buckling building, this time in Edam, Holland.

Help!!! This one's falling! Again in Edam, Holland.

A nice Dutch gable.

If you lean your gates enough they don't need a latch or self-closing device. They just fall shut and stay there.

Nice thatched roofs in Schoorl, Holland.

Speed bumps for bicycles in Alkmaar, Holland.

A houseboat made of concrete and bricks in Alkmaar, Holland.

A trash can along side a bike trail outside of Amsterdam, Holland. They're meant to catch trash as you throw it into them from a moving bicycle.

A multi-level bicycle parking garage in Amsterdam, Holland.

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