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My goal for you is no surprises.  I want you to be informed before purchasing your home so you can decide how to proceed with confidence.
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I'm thorough.  I photograph material defects and provide a narrative report with meaningful information and links to related websites that let you learn more about specific issues.  If you're present at the end of the inspection I review everything with you so you're fully informed when you leave.  You'll receive your report within 24 hours of the inspection; typically on the evening of a morning inspection or the morning after an afternoon inspection.  I deliver my reports via email to you, and to your agent with your permission.  I encourage you to view the sample reports listed on my home page.

If you're considering a vacant or bank-owned property, work with your agent to make sure that the home is not winterized, and that all the utilities are "on".  I've been inspecting many vacant properties over the last couple of years and some of these homes are not ready to inspect when I arrive.  For winterized homes, all utilities need to be turned on, all shut-off valves need to be turned on (valves below sinks and toilets and gas shut-off valves), all circuit breakers should be turned on, the water heater should be up to temperature, pilot lights should be lit and the refrigerator should be turned on and making ice if applicable.  I want to know if these items work, and you do too!

Jim with a damaged garage ceiling
Jim with a damaged garage ceiling
I'm often asked for recommendations for contractors, and I do depending on the circumstance and my confidence in a contractor's ability to make repairs.  I encourage clients to consult with at least few different contractors for cost estimates.  The normal lifespan of housing components may be of some help when evaluating an existing property.

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